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Welcome to English Speaking Club

A Relaxed Way to Speak English!

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  • Log on, relax, learn and speak...

  • Small classes with friendly people

  • Fun, interesting, stimulating topics

  • A chance to make friends globally

  • Highly qualified, experienced tutors

Do you hate conventional English language classes? Boring, repetitive grammar exercises and teachers with no time to help individuals? English Speaking Club has the answer!  We run small classes (maximum 6 learners) ALL with similar levels of English, ALL of whom we've spoken with and think will blend together harmoniously. It's a language learning community where everyone gets LOTS of opportunities to speak - about things which matter to them, and topics which are genuinely stimulating. We're all here to learn (teacher included!)


We run a range of courses at different levels. Some general and some more specialised, with  learners helping decide the material which is covered. Your teachers have  years of experience, and know how to nurture learners as individuals. We provide the material, the exercises, and all the support necessary. Inbetween classes there are fun and informative worksheets to complete, helping everyone to prepare to participate fully.


When you help set the study agenda, learning a language becomes so much easier. Book a free informal 1-1 Zoom call with a teacher to chat about your individual learning needs. We can answer all your questions and hopefully inspire you to join our English Speaking Club. We're here to help each other communicate!


Our Online Courses


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The fastest way to speak English!

Hello, I'm Neil, founder of English Speaking Club. I was born in London, and now live near Oxford. I've taught English to overseas learners for over 25 years in schools, colleges and businesses in the UK and Italy. I was head of exams at the Oxford Institute in Puglia, and Director of English Studies at Oxford Business College in...'Oxford'! I created one of the first online English courses in the UK, and while most of my teaching is now through remote platforms. I retain strong links with Oxford's academic community.


My special interests are history, art, culture, and thanks increasingly to my wife, the natural world. English Conversation Club is the result of decades working in schools, colleges and private organisations, teaching thousands of students, of all ages and nationalities, from all kinds of backgrounds; and learning what does and doesn't help learners to progress quickly in acquiring a language.


When learning is fun and relevant to people's interests, it sticks! I know this from my own experience learning a new language when living abroad; and this personalised approach informs all of our English Speaking Club courses. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Katrin Willim, Germany

"I definitely wouldn't want to miss this unique experience with Neil and only think back on it with the best memories...." 

Doris Shu, China

Neil is the most excellent and professional language teacher I've ever seen. I love to have his flexible lessons with a relaxed and interesting atmosphere. He is the best teacher to give students an easy and acceptable way to learn a new language. I appreciate what he has taught me and how many happy times he has brought me.

Réka Réczicza, Poland

  I attended a Business English Language Preparation Course with Mr Neil, which exceeded my expectations. All of the lessons were interesting, different and very interactive - so I could improve a lot. We also started preparing for IELTS exam in which I reached 7.5/9, that would have been impossible without a great teacher. 

Monica Chiari, Italy

I signed up in 2021 to improve my English for work purposes. Neil tailored the lessons to my needs and was able to stimulate me. The lessons have become for me a time of commitment and fun at the same time, I am very grateful to Neil for that. I got better in a short time. Absolutely recommended.
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